September 12, 2017
By Emily F. Keller
New CUAC Video!

Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative Video

A new Cascadia Urban Analytics Cooperative video showcases the Data Science for Social Good fellowship programs at the University of Washington’s eScience Institute and the University of British Columbia’s Data Science Institute.

  • Academic directors of CUAC and a leader at Microsoft explain the mission of the cross-border initiative and their vision for improving quality of life, city operations, investment and innovation in the region.
  • UBC Fellow Mina Park explains her team’s urban data science project to identify priority routes for public transit service upgrades in Surrey, B.C.
  • Speakers discuss the importance of applying collaborative data science using real-world data to urban social issues that are common across the region.

CUAC, which was launched in February 2017, is a Microsoft-funded initiative that unities faculty, researchers and students from UW and UBC as part of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor. The initiative is run jointly by the Data Science Institute at UBC and the Urbanalytics unit at UW, which was launched through Urban@UW to integrate data science into multidisciplinary urban research efforts across the university.

Special thanks to videographer Christopher Spencer at UBC Studios.