May 22, 2018
By Emily F. Keller
UBC Allard School of Law Chronicles Cascadia Law Project

University of British Columbia (UBC) law students Kate Gotziaman and Justin Choi were interviewed for an article by the Peter A. Allard School of Law. The article, titled Finding Urban Solutions to Contemporary Challenges, discusses the Cascadia Law Initiative led by UBC Professor Margot Young and University of Washington (UW) Professor Hugh Spitzer to examine jurisdictional differences between Washington State and British Columbia. Project participants also include UW students Greyson Blue and Dylan Olson.

Gotziaman explained the team’s research, stating, “Currently, we are researching the different legal frameworks within the Cascadia Innovation Corridor, particularly the different jurisdictional powers of local governments. So far, we have been engaged in working on two stages of a project about local governments’ jurisdictions. The first stage focused on comparing different local governments in each of the countries. The second stage, which we are currently working on, compares the jurisdictions of local governments across British Columbia and Washington.”

Choi summarized his reflections by saying, “Doing a comparative project was interesting: not only did I learn about the laws of a jurisdiction that I would not have learned about otherwise, but I also got to think about why the two jurisdictions have come to have such different laws. The other side of the coin is why, despite the different histories, legal regimes, and de jure powers, the de facto functions of the cities have come to resemble each other’s.”